Mike Piazza Is A Private Man And Private Men Sneak Out The Back Door At Citi Field

Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza christened Citi Field with a ceremonial first pitch that went off without a hitch, unlike these. But while Seaver stuck around to take in all the festivities, Piazza was no where to be found.

Once they left the stage and ceded their place to the first regular-season game, Seaver made his way to the press box. For nearly 15 minutes, he stood amid a crowd of reporters discussing everything from the Citi Field dimensions to the Mets’ pitching rotation.

Piazza, meanwhile, was nowhere to be seen. Escorted by security, he went from the field to the stadium tunnel. His plan to avoid the news media was only briefly interrupted, by two questions from a television news reporter about the new stadium.

One could speculate that Piazza wants no part of the media because Jeff Perlman accuses him of doing steroids in his new book, “The Rocket That Fell to Earth”. But that couldn’t have possibly been it because Tommy Lasorda has assured us that Piazza wouldn’t dare do steroids. So what could it have been? Well Piazza wants you to believe that it’s just a case of him being a private person.

He wasn’t looking for any attention, Jay Horwitz, the Mets’ vice president for media relations, said when asked why Piazza did not want to talk.

He said, I’m a private person now, I have a family, I’m raising my kids, my wife’s having a baby and I want to stay in the background.

Note to Piazza, even if you actually man up and admit your steroid use, you will still be in the background. We’ll just have closure on your career.

Mike Piazza Leaves Quickly, and Quietly, After Citi Field Ceremony
(New York Times)

* Photo courtesy of the AP

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