Live From The Message Boards: Everyone’s Not Happy About Jake Delhomme’s Extension

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Poor Carolina Panthers fans. With all the buzz and excitement surrounding tomorrow’s draft, the Panthers aren’t looking towards the future. They’re stuck in the past. And Jake Delhomme has 42 million reasons (20 of those reasons are guaranteed, might I add) to be happy about this turn of events. And in what shouldn’t be a surprise, Panthers’ fans aint happy about any of it.

Stiffler715 – I can’t believe we just gave him 20 million dollars guaranteed. That is crazy talk IMO. He is getting older and less mobile, as proven by him trying to force plays in the playoffs when he was under pressure. Why, o why, did we do this?

I get the money reasons, but giving a guy 20 million guaranteed when you don’t even know if he will be capable of starting in 2 years is insane.

I still firmly believe we should be looking at a QB somewhere in the next 2 years of drafting that will be capable of starting that year, and put some pressure on Delhomme. Then start the guy if he outplays Jake. No sense NOT upgrading a position just cuz you like a guy and have loyalty. This is the NFL, it’s a business, not family.

ShaggyCat – I know some of you are happy about this, at this point I hope this is the move that gets Fox fired at the end of next season. This and the Peppers debacle. Another sad day in Panthers history, more Jake. Unfortunately Hurney probably just signed his pink slip too. $20 million guaranteed? Do they even make a word that describes how pathetic this is?

And my personal favorite.

Cardiac15Catz – Woooo! Jake is sure getting paid for being the worst QB ever. Maybe they add a million everytime he throws a pick. Man our FO is not very good at this football stuff…

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Panthers Extend Delhomme (Panthers Insider)

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