Listen Up College Football Coaches, Pete Carroll Is Gonna Teach You A Thing Or Two

Pete Carroll is such a giving man. So much so that he is writing a book that will help coaches become better coaches and even better men.

Southern California football coach Pete Carroll will author a book called “Win Forever,” due out next spring.

The book will include previously untold details and anecdotes about USC football, as well as Carroll’s advice for building teams that stick together and consistently outperform expectations.

He will also discuss leadership off the field, based on his charitable work with kids on streets of Los Angeles, according to the book’s publishing house Portfolio.

The charitable work is to be commended. We can all learn a thing or two about that, but the “consistently outperform expectations” line is what caught my eye. One could argue that USC consistently under-performs when it comes to expectations. If they had just met expectations, they would have as many as 3 or 4 national championships under Carroll.

And while Carroll is revealing all these untold details and anecdotes, I wonder if he will go into the untold Reggie Bush recruitment details.

USC’s Pete Carroll to write book (CBS Sports)

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