It’s About Time That The NBA Started To Tell The Truth In Their Box Scores

Looks like someone at feels the same way I do about how players that didn’t play are handled in the box score. When a player isn’t injured and rides the pine all game, we usually get the ole, DNP – COACHES DECISION. But it looks like someone is tired of the lies. As am I. So in what I hope wasn’t just a lame attempt at a April’s Fools joke, a mysterious player named G. Hill received a DNP – OLD AGE/LACK OF TALENT in the Golden State Warriors’ box score from their game against the Kings.

Now, I’m not so sure who this G. Hill fellow is since Grant Hill plays for the Phoenix Suns, but I don’t care. There are a handful of players that deserve this in their stat line night in and night out. As long as the NBA is willing to call a spade a spade, they can insert any name in any box score they want.

Someone Thinks Grant Hill Has No Talent, Plays for Golden State (NBA Fanhouse)

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