If His Twitter Account Is Any Indication, Hasheem Thabeet Doesn’t Seem To Be Heading Back To UConn

If you take a look at our twitter account, you will notice that we haven’t really gotten into the whole following every athlete that is supposedly tweeting for themselves. So we’ll have to depend on a second hand account for this one.

Apparently, Thabeet, who has yet to declare his intentions for next year, is already acting like he’ll be in the NBA next season.

On Sunday, Thabeet “tweeted” on the social networking site about being courtside near rap star Ludacris to watch the NBA’s New York Knicks play the Miami Heat, and then wrote about dining out at an upscale Miami Beach restaurant.

“At The Forge For Dinner!!! I didn’t know food could be so expensive…. Ahhhh LOL!! Enjoyin MIAMi tho.. Fancy Life, Fancy Cars…. Mhmmm,” Thabeet wrote in his online post.

Jet setting to Miami for the weekend all while classes are in isn’t the college experience that I remember. Maybe my college experience was just lame. So what exactly is Thabeet saying about all this?

Afterward, he told a reporter that he planned to speak with Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun on Monday about whether he should make himself available for the NBA draft.

Yet, it looks like at least one person close to the UConn program is in the dark about this “meeting”.

But Kyle Muncy, a spokesman for the Connecticut basketball team, said he was unaware of that meeting, and doesn’t expect an announcement on Thabeet’s future this week.

And what’s even worse, no one seems to know how and why Thabeet was living it up in Miami for the weekend.

Muncy said he did not know why Thabeet, who is still enrolled at UConn, was in Miami or who was paying for the trip.

“I assume he was there to see a basketball game,” he said.

So two things come to mind here. Either Thabeet is as good as gone to the NBA or this will be something else to add to the NCAA’s upcoming probe of the UConn program. For Calhoun’s sake, hopefully Thabeet is heading to the pros.

Thabeet tweets about trip to Miami (Fox Sports)

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