Dwight Howard suspended for throwing the ‘people’s elbow’

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard will be suspended for Thursday’s game 6 versus the 76ers in Philly.

Howard’s threw a vicious elbow that connected with Dalembert’s head in the 1st quarter of game 5 but was not ejected. Why? All three refs failed to see if the elbow landed, so a technical foul was assessed instead of an ejection.

This move would have been acceptable in a wrestling ring and was more reminiscent of Dusty Rhodes than a NBA center.

Stu Jackson, the NBA’s executive vice-president of basketball operations, reviewed the play and doled out a suspension. According to Jackson, any elbows that make contact above the shoulders result in an automatic suspension.

Not only did Howard hit Dalembert with a right elbow, but also sent teammate Courtney Lee to the showers with an accidental elbow to the nose after a shot block in the 1st half of game 5. Lee suffered a fractured sinus and will miss game 6 also.

For once the league office got a call right, but before I shower them with praise I have to mention the Celtics Rajon Rondo. Rondo clobbered Bulls center Brad Miller in the face in game 5’s overtime period on Tuesday night. Rondo did not go for the ball. If he was trying to, he missed badly. No flagrant foul was called nor was a suspension handed out. This is a clear example of practicing a double standard. Little guys always get more wiggle room than the bigs. How do I know? Rondo is suiting up in game 6 and Howard is not.

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  1. Sometimes I think the NBA favors certain teams.I agree that Howard should have been suspended,but why isn’t Rondo gone too.He came out in the press conference and said that he tried to hit Miller as hard as he could.If that not good enough for a suspension I don’t know what is.Something fishy is going on with the NBA.

  2. Keezy W. says:

    As we all saw last year, the NBA has a thing for the Boston Celtics.They constantly get special treatment from the refs,it happened in the playoffs last year and seems like they are going to let it happen again.If I was Tyrus Thomas I’d just deck Kendrick Perkins at tip-off…but thats just me.

  3. Los Brown says:

    I agree. David Stern would love for the Celtics to face to Cavs in the East finals even if KG is out. Rules are thrown out the door when they conflict with money.

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