The Detroit Lions’ Logo Has Come A Mighty Long Way

The Detroit Lions and their 2 or 3 fans are celebrating. And that’s something they haven’t been able to do since Matt Millen was ousted. Why are they celebrating, you ask? Well, because a new era is underway. And what a better way to begin a new era than bustin out a new logo? Makes sense right? Maybe. If this wasn’t the Detroit Lions.

You see, this isn’t the first logo change for the Lions and the previous logo changes really didn’t seem to help the Lions actually win on the field. Maybe this time is different. Maybe this new logo will propel them to many championships. Or maybe It won’t matter. But I will say, compared to the prior logos, this one at least gives them a fighting chance. And that’s all the Lions can ever ask for.

Back in the day it seems that things were taken a little too literally. Not much creativity when you have a football player on top of a Lion.

A little creativity is shown with this one, but having a malnutrition lion as your logo doesn’t exactly strike fear in your opponents’ hearts.

So now comes the overhaul of the logo. And even with an overhaul, the organization still manages to come up with the most non-ferocious lion to ever grace a logo.

I’m not sure you can even count this as a “new”. Adding a black outline to an existing logo isn’t much of a “new logo”. But what else can you expect from the Lions?

The new ish
Has a little Thundercat vibe to it, but it’s definitely an upgrade. I look forward to seeing the helmets with this logo on it thrown to the ground in disgust after another loss.

* Images courtesy of Sports Logos

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