Bob Johnson: Forget The Playoffs, Bring On The Horse Jumping

You notice the trophy that Charlotte Bobcats’ owner, Bob Johnson is holding? Well, those seem to be the only trophies he’s interested in winning. Yeah, the Bobcats are only 3 games out of the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference. Yeah, this would be the first time that the Bobcats have made the playoffs. Yet, Johnson seems to want to ensure that the Bobcats never make the playoffs.

You see, every year around this time, the Charlotte Jumper Classic comes to town and every year Johnson sends his Bobcats packing. Not a big deal in prior years, but this year is different. The Bobcats need to sweep their last 4 games against Oklahoma City, Chicago, New Jersey and Orlando to even have a remote chance of making the playoffs. While I wouldn’t expect that to happen anyhow, Johnson’s loyalty to this horse jumping show pretty much kills any attempt to pull off the sweep.

That comes from upstairs from the organization, as much as you hate to say it, said Wallace, Charlotte’s top scorer. You don’t want to send your team at the end of the season on a four-game road trip. That’s hard for anybody to do, especially for us since we’re so young and we’re trying to fight for the playoffs.

It’s no secret that our owner’s daughter is an equestrian and he has a huge affinity for the jumping business, Bobcats president Fred Whitfield said. It’s just one of the events that he feels strongly about, that he feels should be a part of the whole cultural experience that we offer in this building.

Last year the Bobcats went on a three-game road trip during the horse show and returned home for the season finale. The year before it was a two-game trip before the final game was at home.

Even though the dirt will be hauled out of the arena by Tuesday, the NBA kept the Bobcats on the road for this year’s season finale, too.

Seeing as though this is Bob Johnson, I shouldn’t be am not surprised. As much as people bash Mavs’ owner, Mark Cuban, we can all agree that he at least cares if his team is successful or not. Johnson doesn’t care how good the Bobcats are or how good they could be. And that’s truly a shame.

Bobcats ticked about four-game road trip to close out season (

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