After A Thorough 5 Month Search, The Arizona Wildcats Have Hired……..Tim Floyd?

Yep, I’m just as stunned as you. According to ESPN, Arizona is set to hire Tim Floyd as their next head basketball coach.

I’m kinda confused by this move because there are obviously better and younger names out there. Jeff Capel and Mark Few are two names that come to mind. Now, I’m not saying that Capel and Few would’ve taken the job, but it seems as if they were never offered. And I’m fairly sure that if Arizona was truly pursuing those two, they both would listen. And listen hard.

I’m also confused about this “process” that athletic director, Jim Livengood embarked upon. In 5 months, the best he was able to come up with is Floyd, while Kentucky takes a mere week to lure John Calipari?

I’m sure it will be tough for Wildcat fans, who are accustomed to seeing a hall of fame coach patrol the sidelines, to have to sit and watch their new overrated coach act a plum fool.

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  1. I heard he turn down the offer.

  2. S. Evans says:

    Yeah, now he’s the idiot for turning it down. I’m sure there are some Arizona fans that are happy.

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