5 reasons Dwayne Wade should be the MVP

Kobe Bryant and Lebron James garner so much attention because they play on dominate NBA teams. Both the Lakers and Cavaliers have well over 60 wins and they are the favorites to meet in the NBA Finals in June. Yeah, both of these guys are having killer seasons, Bryant is averaging 27 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists per game while James puts up 28 points, 7 boards and 7 assists. They are amazing players and in any other season they would runaway with the MVP ballots, but this season belongs to Dwayne Wade. Here are five reasons why Wade should be the unanimous choice for MVP.

1) Stats: D-Wade has had the best statistical season of his career. He’s averaging 30.2 points a game, 7.5 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 steals per game. He leads the team in point, assists, steals and minutes(38) per game.

2) Durability: After missing 31 games last season, Wade has conditioned and trained his body to endure the rough NBA season. Wade has played every game but one this season thus far and we can’t forget his season started a little early, he helped the USA Men’s basketball team bring the gold back to the states back in August.

3) Wins: Last year, even with Shaq for most of the season, the Heat won 15 games. With 2 games left to play, Wade has led the Heat to 42 victories and they’re currently seeded 5th in the Eastern Conference.

4) Monster Games: D-Wade has scored 40+ points in a game 10 times and 50+ 3 times this season. He’s also scored in double figures in every game that he has played in the 08-09 season.

5) The Miami Heat Roster: Have you seen the Heat’s roster? Rookies Beasley and Chalmers are starters along with an under-sized Haslem and an over the hill Jermaine O’neal. If Wade doesn’t play, they lose. There haven’t been many, if any, games where he’s been able to sit in the fourth quarter, like Lebron and Kobe. Wade is the only All-Star on the squad and even if he plays well their is nearly a 50/50 chance that they’ll lose anyway due to the lack of star players on the roster.

It bothers me that MVP voters give the award to the best player on the best team in the league, that’s not how it should be awarded. Here’s a more accurate way to gauge which guy should be the MVP. Take the most outstanding players for the season, this year those players are Kobe, Lebron and Wade, and imagine that they are all out for the season. Which team would win the least amount of games, the Lakers, Cavaliers or the Heat? My point exactly, that’s why Dwayne Wade is the MVP.

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  1. LeBron has the MVP locked up.LeBron hepled the Cavs clinched home court through out the playoffs and he did it with a bunch of role players.

  2. S. Evans says:

    You counting Month Williams as a role player?

  3. Los Brown says:

    Mo Williams was a All-Star this year and Big Z has been an All-Star too. If you lokk at the rosters you can clearly see that Lebron has a better team, plus the core has been together longer.

  4. I’m not impressed.Moe Williams was an all-star by default boss.Big Z I will give a little credit too though.You are right,they have been together longer but LeBron been putting up these stats.Only now his team has the best record in the NBA,and everyone knows the the best player on the best team(standings wise) wins the MVP.

  5. S. Evans says:

    By default? Put Mo Williams on your Knicks and he would be the #1 option and the best player on the team.

  6. No he won’t.Moe Williams is having a great year due to LeBron.Look up the teams he used to play on and see if he was an all star then.

  7. Keezy W. says:

    The MVP dosen’t mean what it used to anyway, had the Cavs not finished with the leagues best record and #1 seed in the East the MVP would have been Kobe again. D-Wade had a better year than both Lebron and Kobe, but Kobe is still the best player in the league, Wade 2nd, Bron 3rd

  8. Keezy W. says:

    Also, Mo Williams isnt really having any better of a year than he had in his past 3, its just that he plays on a more high profiled team than the Bucks and helped push the Cavs to the best record without him the Cavs are 3rd in the East

  9. S. Evans says:

    The key was that he helped push the Cavs to the best record. Without him, the Cavs would be 3rd or 4th in the East.

  10. Keezy W. says:

    Honestly Mo Williams is the main reason the Cavs are what they are this year, the cavs are the exact same team that they were last year and were even healthier last year and only won like 45 47 games….thats why i feel Wade is Mvp

  11. Los Brown says:

    My thoughts exactly!

  12. D Wade is in the same position that Kobe was in a few years back before the trade for Gasol.So if D Wade is the MVP,Kobe should have gotten MVP those years when he did everything as well.

  13. Los Brown says:

    No,the Lakers have a better team than the Heat even without Gasol, its not even close. Go look at the Heat’s roster and you’ll see.

  14. I know.I’m talking about the years where Kobe was doing all of the scoring but would get knocked out the first round.

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