5 Great Ideas For This Season’s Edition Of HBO’s "Hard Knocks"

In a move that depicts the title perfectly, HBO is set make the Cincinnati Bengals the subjects for the 2009 season of “Hard Knocks”. I for one, have no doubt that this season will be rather entertaining, but I do have a few ideas that the producers should explore. And just in case they make it here before shooting begins, I’ll supply them (and you) with my suggestions free of charge. Next season I’m expecting straight cash homey.

Chronicle the daily care of Chad Ocho Cinco’s grill
Daily grill cleaning is both interesting and educational. I’m sure there’s a dude out there somewhere wondering how Ocho Cinco’s grill stays gleaming.

Make Andre Smith practice shirtless
Worst case scenario – Kids will go outside and play more often in fear of growing up to look like this. Best case scenario – We get many more photos like this one.

Open each show with a monologue from Cedric Benson explaining the night of this mugshot.
There has to be a great untold story to go with this mugshot. I would like to hear it over and over again.

Chronicle the “Battle of Best Hair in Camp” between J.T. O’Sullivan and Rey Maualuga
Just sit back and let it happen.

End every show with Keith River’s reaction to the hit that broke his jaw last season.
You remember your reaction to this hit. We never really got his. I expect some shows to end in laughter, some in crying, and some even in anger. All in all, it sounds like Emmy worthy programming to me.

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  1. Ocho cinco is mangled.

  2. Keezy W. says:

    They should also go visit all the Bengals players thats in jail ha.

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