Worst Week: T.O. or Melissa from the bachelor?

No doubt it’s been a tumultuous week for Terrell Owens and The Bachelor’s ‘steaming hot’ Melissa Rycroft. After 3 rocky seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, the 35-yr. old WR was released by the franchise Wednesday. Terrell Owens had been a constant source of controversy while with “America’s Team.” Where he goes from here, who knows? The market for a 35-yr. old troublemaker is very small. While T.O. ponders his future, Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Rycroft is meandering in an universe of heartbreak after being dumped on national t.v. Monday night on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose. Bachelor Jason Mesnick decided that his engagement to Rycroft was heading for disaster. After a half-hearted attempt to appear human, Mesnick decided to end his relationship with Rycroft and rekindle a flame with runner-up, Molly Malaney all within minutes. What a guy?
Who’s had the worst week? T.O. or Rycroft?

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  1. The Zoner says:

    Hard to say. Not a big market for T.O. but someone will still pay him millions to play. As for the lady, she definitely has a big market, but likely doesn’t have T.O.s money.

    I’ll have ot go with the girl.

  2. Los Brown says:

    Though T.O. landed a gig with the lowly Bills, I’ll have to agree that she’s had the worst week.

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