What ever happened to Cherokee Parks?

Do you know this fella? Well if you’re a fan of college basketball you probably do. This is the once ‘highly overrated’ Cherokee Parks. Parks was considered the second coming of Christian Laettner while at Duke from 1991-1995, but didn’t quite live up to the hype. Neither had a tremendous NBA career, but Parks only averaged 4.4ppg and 3.6rpg over the course of his 9-year career. I wonder what Cherokee is doing now? Does anybody know.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    cherokee parks lives in irvine, ca. he has 3 kids from 2 diff. baby mommas.(16) girl adopted and (10) boy is from one Jen[asian]..and has full custody of a (1) girl by a whore name Julie[asian] who claims its his (but no one is sure)so she can get $$$from him. Cherokee is dating a girl Christina[asian]and recently flew to japan together. all three girls are strippers. According to the girls Cherokee has a very large Penis and uses it on Christina EVERY night.. Cherokee Parks is living large and gets his penis sucked every night…he's just been party'n and living his life..Don't hate on this bench warmer cuz he's doin better than you'll ever get to do in life..

  2. Kristina Mendoza says:

    Umm my Names Kristina not Christina… and yea i think Cherokee is AMAZING in bed and i can't get enough of Mr. Parks! He's the sweetest man there is and he's a GREAT Father to all 3 of his kids.. He's extreamly smart and very wise.. we dont care for haters..they only entertain us.. he's livin' the dream after the nba and some of u suckers out there wish u got pain to sit on a bench anyway lol… look us up bitches.. Myspace.com/RELAXBITCH word to your mom..god bless you.

    • jennifer williamson says:

      Cherokee worked and lived in Harbor Lights apartments with his awesome parent before he became famous. I know because when I was little he used to through me from one end of the pool to the other. I was a great person then and I am positive he is now.Yall are just jelous.

    • me love you long time gook whore

    • If where his woman, you wouldn’t be on any website talking about him. This man does have issues that is his business. I pray that he does well. He was a good player for Duke.

      • By the way Kristina your pictures on mitra images show that you are his down fall. What woman would show these pictures unless she a hooker to make money off a old NBA player.

    • By the way he not living the dream. He play in France for less money than the NBA.

    • Ms Mendoza your pictures of Mr Parks are foul. Which to say you have no real love for this man who does have issues. when he was at duke, he married a loving woman. Then in the NBA he lost his faith in his marriage.

    • I think you don’t him.

    • Yes very man good in bed. But he a sorry basketball player. He know as the hooker man

    • I can see that you are not the real hooker that he sleeps with. What real sad that he had a real good woman from duke and end up with hooker like you

  3. Cherokee Parks is the man!!! I don't care what all the haters out there are saying. His NBA numbers don't do him justice. Been a fan of this dude since his Duke days and I think he's one of the coolest dudes ever to man the center-forward slot for the Blue Devils. His attitude and outlook have always been an inspiration. Been looking for a Parks #44 Duke jersey all this time. Hail to The Chief!

    • I saw Mr Park this past summer. my son was at the basketball camp at duke. Mr Parks look old for his age and tire. I felt bad for him. He was a wonder player for our Duke team.

  4. uh he lives with his mom with no job, a kid that aint his, no $, n hes a pipe twisting tweeeakerrr. true story.

  5. Anonymous says:

    "uh he lives with his mom with no job, a kid that aint his, no $, n hes a pipe twisting tweeeakerrr. true story."

    NO moron, that's your pathetic story. Get it right you stupid dumb ass hick.

  6. Anonymous says:

    what the story then since u know? cherokee smokes meth.. twists the pipe… hes a clown

  7. He is on the verge of living bright lights big city, he is blowing dudes and pimping out his whore Kristina just to get some meth.

  8. my friend, Yon Chae Kim, in Irvine said she sucked the Cherokee's 10 inch cock last weekend..she told me he needs to shave the hair off his nutsack a little..he's a wild man and has an asian fetish

  9. Anonymous says:

    him and christian laettner are gay for pay now. they live in gayted communities

  10. Anonymous says:

    Cherokee is a wonderful person. He is kind and giving to everyone he meets. I don't see why anyone would want to hate on him. Sometime I feel that he is my soul mate.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sounds screwed up to me!

  12. Get over urself. Love CP. Stupid fuck changed lives… Stupid doofus. PreDICKt something. Or make it happen.

  13. He is currently playing at National 2 in the Lyon area of France.

  14. He has signed to play for Aubenas Basket at National 2 in France.

  15. I wish Cherokee would give his old neighbor a call.

  16. Anthony Mistwell says:
  17. Randy Vick says:

    So, let me get this straight… how big is Cherokee Parks’ dick? I’m getting conflicting evidence from these posts. So, please, can somebody clear this up? Also, if any of you bottom-feeding prostitutes have any pictures that we could use as confirmation, I’d greatly appreciate it. I bet Mr. Parks is one of those guys that shaves his nuts and ends up missing like… three super long hairs that end up getting snagged in his zipper when he’s putting on his Levi’s after he’s done turning some Filipino woman’s asshole into a recreation of the Chernobyl explosion.

  18. RandyVick, you are such a loser. Get a life!! BTW, it’s re-creation, not recreation. Enjoy life in your trailer park.

  19. Thomas Killborne says:

    I’d like to see these internet thugs talk shit to Mr. Parks’ face and not behind a computer. I was in France and had the privilege of seeing Mr. Parks punking mofos on the court. He’s really stepped up his game. Any chance he could go back to the NBA? Whatever his endeavors are, I wish him the best.

    • Not in NBA he too old. He wasn’t that good when he was in the NBA he worn out from partying. He looks old for his age

    • Not in NBA he too old. He wasn’t that good when he was in the NBA he worn out from partying. He looks old for his age. He be better off coaching, or teaching history that was his major from duke

  20. I met Cheeroke Parks back in 07 while on my honeymoon in the Aultrilaian outback. Dude was real cool and down to Earth. His only problem in life was Retired with a lot of money and wanted to find something to do. Lol he also told us some cool NBA stories. Like I said cool cat real intelligent.

  21. Cherokee is cool & actually doing alright now days. He is still friends with Kristina and she’s no hooker..

  22. Corey Parks says:

    I blew Blaine Cartwright.

  23. Wow… I can’t believe how hateful people are on here… Cherokee is a cool person, I graduated with him from Marina in 91 and lost touch but saw him a few years ago and we hung out. My boyfriend talked him at the gym a couple months ago and forgot to get his number. I looked for him on FB but I don’t think he has one. Would love to reconnect and see how he’s doing.

  24. I played street ball with him after his freshman year of high school (Marina High in H.B. Cali) he used to call me Bird after Larry Bird because I only shot 3 pointers because of my 5′ 6″ status and I didn’t want the ball coming back in my face. If you don’t know him shut up because I only knew him for a little while but what I did know was he could play ball if you let him be him and not restrict him to a role the guy could shot from anywhere on the court.

  25. I went to Marina with him too Jim!!

  26. Youwanna Know says:

    Kristina was a whore and still is.

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