UConn accused of recruiting violations, Who Cares?

A Yahoo Sports report accused the University of Connecticut’s basketball program for violating recruiting violations of former guard Nate Miles, improper contact is the charge.

The alleged culprit is Josh Nochimson, UConn former student manager and current agent. Nochimson appears to have provided lodging, transportation and representation to Miles and Yahoo reports that UConn assistants knew all about it. Being a former student manager, Nochimson is viewed as an rep of UConn athletics which made his role in the recruiting of Miles questionable according to NCAA rules and regulations.

I know you’re wandering what is improper contact? I did also, when I heard the phrase, but let me explain. A school can only contact a possible recruit once a month in the student’s junior year of high school, that includes family and friends of the recruit.

Allegedly, UConn exceeded that number. They’re accused of contacting Nochimson 1,565 times from 2006-2007. The contacts to Nochimson are believed to be directly related to the recruitment of Nate Miles, who was expelled from UConn in October for violating a restraining order. Miles was said to have sexually assaulted a female student at the university in September of 2008. He is currently a student at the College of Southern Idaho and a member of the basketball team.

My question is, why should a school be punished for contacting a possible recruit? I know this rule is in place to attempt to even the playing field for smaller schools in the recruiting world, but what kid would ever choose the College of Southern Idaho over UConn. That’s right, it would never happen even if coach Calhoun only called once. Why? Because the kids want to go to the big schools, play on t.v., go to the NCAA tournament regularly and get exposure for the NBA. Did I mention get a great and free education along the way. Excuse the cliche, but its not rocket science.

Recruiting is not for the fate the faint or weak. Coaches are forced to recruit the best in order to keep their jobs. Can you blame them if they make a few extra calls, the consequences of doing so don’t out weigh the rewards. Furthermore, these kids are getting a free education at top notch, innovative universities and colleges. Putting athletics aside, they will be equipped to enter the workforce with degrees from well known schools. Is that so bad, help the kid have a better life, while he or she temporarily helps out the athletic program. NCAA officials are hypocrites or idiots, great recruiting equals more revenue for them, recruiting rules need to be revised.

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