T.O.’s last hoorah?

Terrell Owens is now a member of yet another team, the Buffalo Bills. Yes, the Buffalo Bills. Who wants to play or live in Buffalo? Obviously no one, but there has been a wide array of factors that has led the NFL’s #2 all-time (139) TD receiver to his current fate.

Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb and now Tony Romo are all quarterbacks formerly plagued by the narcissistic persona of T.O. Buffalo Bills QB, Trent Edwards is next in line, even though the troubled WR has made a vow to uphold serenity. The thing is we’ve heard it all before. Yeah, T.O. claims he’ll be an ideal teammate, but he has an innate ability to build rifts among teammates. Not once, not twice, but three times T.O. has destroyed the chemistry of a NFL locker room, it’s who is he is.

He won’t change; he can’t change. I believe he’s deeply troubled, troubled by a desire to be the center of attention. T.O. doesn’t believe in the framework of a team or togetherness and the Bills will soon learn that. 90-yr. old Bills owner, Ralph Wilson has made a questionable move to get his team to the playoffs for the first time this decade. Was it a good move? We’ll soon find out, but certainly T.O. ‘s career is in the final stages. No good teams want him and he’s entering into his 14th season in the league. Despite typical PR rhetoric, Drew Rosenhaus knew his client’s options were limited and that’s why Owens is with the Bills, his 4th and final team, I’d bet on it!

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