Tommy Lasorda Can’t Fathom Mike Piazza Taking Steroids

Forget the reports of Mike Piazza’s raging bacne. And while you’re at it, don’t pay a bit of attention to Piazza being implicated as a steroid user in the book by SI columnist, Jeff Pearlman. Because according to Tommy Lasorda, all of those things don’t mean squat.

I don’t believe that at all, said Lasorda, the longtime Dodgers manager. He worked so hard. I saw him in the weight room working out all the time. Whatever (is in the book) is hearsay. I just don’t believe it. He comes from a family that’s full of good people.

I wouldn’t comment on it if I didn’t feel strongly about it. He has too much to lose. And he’s such a nice young man. He goes to church, he’s got a nice family. I know him. I know what kind of man he is and I just don’t believe it.

Obviously, Lasorda is blinded by his Piazza man crush. I’m not sure if Lasorda realizes this but you still have to workout even if you take steroids. If you don’t, your body ends up looking like Lasorda’s. And Mike Piazza definitely couldn’t live with that. There’s your explanation for him “working out all the time”. As for the him being a nice young man from a nice family, maybe. Does that make me believe that he wouldn’t/didn’t take steroids? Not in the least.

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  1. Ed The Sports Fan says:

    Most people also fail to realize that Piazza was like a 62nd round draft pick and was literally drafted as a favor to a family friend of the Dodgers organization. I mean, dude had a noodle arm and all of a sudden scouts missed out on his power potential? I find that harder to believe than the notion that he might’ve been juicing. Just my 5 cents.


  2. S. Evans says:

    Good point. Exactly the reason Lasorda continues to go to bat for him.

  3. Shad0w says:

    Just more jealous people trying to tear-down a good man who actually managed to do something with his life. The accusations are groundless. If anyone ever provides any proff that Piazza took steroids, I will come back here and apologize, but until then you are all just trying to justify why Piazza was the greatest, and you suck.

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