T.J. Houshmandzadeh Set To Join The Very Short List Of Seahawk Receiving Greats

I’m sure you’ve immersed yourself in the report that T.J. Houshmandzadeh spurned both the Bengals and the Vikings to sign with the Seahawks throughout the night last night so let’s move on to the important stuff. Namely, what the h*ll is he thinking?

Did I actually write that? I know exactly what he’s thinking. Two things come to mind.

1) $40 million for five years

2) $15 million guaranteed

Can’t blame him there, but he also should have thought about a few more things as well. I’ve listed them here for your reading pleasure.

1) His quarterback’s last name is Hassellback. Just think about that for a second. Deep, right?

2) He has to take orders from this guy. Deal breaker if you ask me.

3) The play-action game will be nonexistent. No one, and I mean no one, is respecting the run game with Julius Jones in the backfield. Can you blame them?

4) Double and triple teams will be the norm. I mean, who else are they gonna cover?

5) And probably most importantly, all that rain can’t be good for the “do”.

But nevermind that the cons outweigh the pros. You made a great decision Mr. Houshmandzadeh. Just when you are finally seen as an elite receiver, you throw it all away. I’m sure it’ll be on a rainy Sunday next fall when the Seahawks are down 31-0, it’ll all hit you and you’ll ask yourself, what the h*ll was I thinking?

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