Tim Tebow’s "Promise" Will Live On Forever

No Guts contributor, J Will brings us the story of the most recent notch on Tim Tebow’s belt of football immortality

Do you remember the speech that Tim Tebow gave after his Florida Gators were upset by Ole Miss, 31-30? Remember him trying to hold back the tears and saying he was sorry? You still don’t remember? Well, don’t worry because the University of Florida has you covered. Now, you can read the speech anytime that you want because it’s sprawled across the wall outside the Heavener football complex attached to The Swamp.

Now, I do think that speech was a great moment in UF history, but I don’t think that it should be on the wall outside The Swamp. Before you think I’m a “Gator Hater”, I will go on the record and say that I like Tim Tebow. He is a great leader and I wish FSU had a player like him on their team. The problem I have is when Tebow says or does anything, the media is all over it. I understand that it’s not his fault but making a plaque of his speech and then putting it on a wall is just ridiculous.

If anyone remembers the Arkansas game (the game after the Ole Miss loss), the Gators again came out flat. So the speech certainly didn’t immediately ignite them. I think the turning point was when they blew out LSU. After the LSU game, the Gators’ confidence was soaring. The Tebow speech was nice but it’s not the reason why they won the National Title, which some fans realize. I know Tebow is God in Gainesville, but the university could have at least waited until he graduated.

UF commemorates Tebow’s Promise with a plaque (Gator Clause)

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