They Make What?

Okay, I’ll start off by stating that I’m not a hater, nor do I hate athletes, but honestly speaking, these guys are making enormous amounts of money to entertain the masses. Some are well worth it, while others are legally robbing their benefactors. Here are a few NBA players that are currently receiving more than they are worth.

Ben Wallace– The former defensive player of the year and 4-time All-Star, has faced hard times on the court since leaving the Pistons in 2006. Wallace is currently under a 4yr. $60M contract and is only averaging 3pt. and 6rebs per game for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. Can you say buyout or trade bait? Both terms are appropriate, he’ll be out of the league soon.

Larry Hughes– The silky smooth shooting guard never quite found his niche in the league. Hughes is now with the Knicks, his 6th team in 11 seasons. He was once coined as Lebron’s sidekick, but that only lasted roughly 3 seasons. Hughes average 12ppg and currently makes over $12M a year. He should enjoy each with passion because when his contracts ends next summer, he’ll be lucky to get $3M or $4M a year.

Kwame Brown– What can I say about Kwame Brown, besides he’s the epitome of a #1 draft pick bust. In my opinion, he’s one of the reasons why high school players have to go to college before entering into the NBA draft. Right now he’s with the Pistons on a 2/yr $8M deal. By today’s standard, that’s not much to athletes but that’s way more than he deserves.

Elton Brand– Perhaps the best of all players on this list, he’s makes a alot of money and plays very little. Brand has only played in 29 games since the end of the 2007 season, nearly two full seasons. Now with the 76ers, Brand will miss the rest of the season. He currently signed to a 5/yr. $80M deal, he basically gets paid to do nothing, I wish my life that was simple.

Did I miss anyone? I’m sure I did, there’s hundreds of guys that could have made this list.

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