Tell Me How Your Brackets Look

Me? Well, I’m 14-2 so far. No biggie. I was an Eric Maynor jump shot and a bonehead pick of Clemson away from having a perfect bracket. Today’s games have me a little uneasy because some of my picks could easily come up short.

I’m sure Los Brown will come through with an recap or two on the early games for the folks that will be stuck at work (like me) and I’ll come through with a spirited recap of the night games. Well, the spirited part depends on FSU takes care of business. Anyhow, enjoy the games and I look forward to being able to brag tomorrow about my 30-2 bracket.

While you’re waiting for the games to start, head over to Global Sports Fraternity and check out their array of humorous original videos. Here’s their newest edition of “Drunk Dialing with Charles Barkley”.

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