A Sore Elbow No One Wants To Take The Blame For

So we finally know how Johan Santana hurt his elbow this spring. Well, not exactly. What we’ve actually learned is that no one wants to take the blame for the elbow in question. You see, what we have here is a good ole fashion case of he said, he said.

On one side, Santana is saying that the soreness in his elbow came from the aggressive schedule for pitchers mandated by pitching coach, Dan Warthen.

I was throwing bullpens every other day, Santana said, the New York Post reported. I think that’s what it was: Too much throwing too soon. Once they said I wasn’t pitching in the WBC, then we back off a little bit. But we were throwing a lot.

Warthen maintains that Santana was pushing himself on his own to prove to the Mets that he was healthy enough to pitch in the WBC.

That’s my speculation, that he had his own quiet agenda, not sharing it with anybody else, Warthen said, the Post reported. He tried to throw too hard too soon.

Is this what it has come to? Players actually pushing themselves for the WBC? (I guess it’s obvious that I don’t believe a word Santana said.) So much so they are willing to risk injury? I would like to remind the players that there is still something called the World Series. Save all your “pushing” for that.

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