Simple Math: D.Wade + Lebron > Your Favorite NBA Team

I never planned on using this sports blog to teach math, but it looks like the opportunity has presented itself. Everyone knows that LeBron sweepstakes that is on for 2010 is an event all on it’s own. But now, LeBron, in typical Lebron fashion, has upped the ante but adding Dwyane Wade as a possible sidekick in New York or wherever he may land.

This all stemmed from being asked if he preferred Wade to play in the same conference, so they can play each other more often or does he prefer to be in different conferences so they can battle it out in the Finals.

I don’t know, it doesn’t matter, James said before the Cavaliers’ game against the Nets. Whatever happens, we’ll go against each other, and maybe we’ll go against each other in practice. I don’t know, that’d be fun, wouldn’t it?

Oh yes, it would. The two together could reach “Jordan-Pippen” type levels all the while cementing their legacies as two of the best players in NBA history. While I don’t expect it to happen, if it does, simple math tells us that they will be winning a lot of championships. Which is fine with me. 2010 can’t come soon enough.

LeBron hints at playing with Wade somewhere (NBC Sports)

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  1. that would be a sick duo

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