Saban sets scene for failure

Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban has already hinted that Alabama won’t be dominate in the upcoming season. If you’ve ever heard him speak at press conferences he often makes lame attempts to be modest and realistic, but truthfully he a narcissus. Most coaches and athletes are but Saban is near the top of the conceited list.

In 2008, Alabama had a surprisingly great season, they finished 12-2 and won the SEC West. One would think that Saban would try to build on last season’s success and energize the fan base for 2009, but coach Saban has decided to take a different approach, an approach that demonizes the fans, smart move. Saban now suggests that Alabama fans expectations are unrealistic, his exact words “not process-oriented.” I’m still laughing!

What does that mean Nick? He doesn’t even know, but maybe he should have made mention to these concerns before he accepted a $32M contract. Where was the process theory then? But what else can you expect from the great liar, Nick Saban? If he can’t handle the pressure he shouldn’t be a college football coach, especially not in the SEC. In case he has forgot, he’s in Bear Bryant country, where conference titles and national championships are acceptable, not excuses.

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