Richard Williams: Play On Playa

You guys all know who this guys is. Yep, it’s Richard Williams. The man whose seed spawned arguably two of the most dominant players in women’s tennis history. And while Venus and Serena dominate, Richard sits back and enjoys the fruits of his labor. Which leads me to the woman pictured with him. That’s 30-year-old Lakeisha Graham, Williams’ new beau. Oh, you read that right. Richard Williams, who is 67-years-old, has a 30-year-old fiance and he is ready to show her off to the world.

Here, get the first pictures of me and my new wife, said Williams to Page2Live lensman, Fred Montana.

While, they’re not married just yet, the wedding looks to be in the near future.

We’ll probably do it after the tournament in Key Biscayne (the Sony Ericsson Open, March 25-April 5), Williams said.

She aint a dime on time, but at 67, he’s done pretty well for himself. He definitely gets points for pullin a PYT that he’s twice the age of. And not to mention, she’s only few years older than his daughters. So all I can say is, play on playa.

Serena, Venus Williams’ stepmom is their age (Page 2 Live)

(Photo by Fred Montana/Page2Live)

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    Do your thing Dick

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