Questionable Poses: Underachievers Edition

Tracy McGrady and Andy Roddick are superstars in their respective sports, but neither has ever made any noise when it really counts. Roddick has been ranked in the ATP’s top ten for most of his career but has only captured one Grand Slam.(2003 U.S. Open) While McGrady has been a quintessential NBA player and a scoring champ but has failed to make noise in the playoffs. He’s never been on a team that has advanced past the 1st round. No I’m not inferring that I could do better, because I can’t, but with the athletic abilities that they each possess and by today’s standards they are underachievers. This week’s edition is dedicated to them.

Andy Roddick– He’s been the U.S. top ranked male tennis player over the last 7 years, but this picture was a bad decision. You’re paid to win Grand Slams not to model. Come on, help America dominate the sport again. I sure wish Sampras and Agassi were still around.

Tracy McGrady– What can I say about him? He a great player, he’s always hurt, he never wins in the playoffs……… I could go on and on, now to the picture. I guess he’s trying to show us his softer side. I’m sorry, but he does enough of that on the court and in press conferences after his team gets knocked out the playoffs, in the 1st round.

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  1. S. Evans says:

    That boy McGrady look sweet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The picture of Roddick is about 7 years old! If you actually watched tennis, you might have known that. Know what you’re talking about before posting your blog!

  3. What does how old the picture is have to do with it being questionable?

    Is that you, Andy?

  4. Los Brown says:

    To Roddick defender, Anonymous: Is this your favorite pic? Do you and Andy have something going on? If so, who cares. I do watch tennis and I know that the pic is old, but he along with all other athletes that pose for these pics will be put into our weekly installment. Please read the title of our posts before you comment,its called Questionable Poses, not New poses, can you read or do you just look at pictures. BTW I probably know more about tennis than you. Get your facts together before you attempt to correct someone!

  5. S. Evans says:

    Dang Los, you mad? You wrote a book.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The title of your Blog portends to relate to photographic images, yet in it, you choose to attack these athletes’ records. It is highly unlikely that Agassi’s or Sampras’s (two players I happen to admire) records in Grand Slams would be any better than Roddick’s is, were they contemporaries of Nadal and Federer. As far as the photo of Roddick is concerned, the fact that it was taken when he was 19 years old makes it totally irrelevant today. Why would you question the judgment of a 19 year old tennis player 7 years after the fact?

  7. Los Brown says:

    Lets try this once more, the title is Questionable Poses: Underachievers Edition, therefore I chose questionable poses of athletes that have under achieved over their career. Roddick has only won 1 Grand Slam, he can’t be compared to Sampras and Agassi. Nadal and Federer are good, but the sport is not as deep as it use to be. Sampras had many more players that challenged him, Chang, Becker, Courier just to name a few. Nadal and Federer only have each other.

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