Questionable Poses: Runnin’ Rebs Edition

We’re right smack dab in the middle of March Madness so our questionable poses come from two players from arguably one of the best collegiate teams of all time, the UNLV Runnin’ Rebs. The players that we are questioning are two key cogs from those great UNLV teams, Larry “Grand ma-ma” Johnson and Stacey “Plastic Man” Augmon.

Now, I know that they couldn’t help the ‘drobe because that’s what was in back then, but the hand on the hips could and should be avoided at all cost. Johnson’s pants prepping for a flood and Augmon’s lack of caring to wear a belt doesn’t help much either. So here’s the million dollar question. Questionable pose? You decide.

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  1. Los Brown says:

    LJ pants too little, that boy was wildind.

  2. Los Brown says:

    And he got on Cortez Nikes, I just caught that.

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