Open Letters To Those Of You Who Let Me Down

If you have been around here since the NCAA tournament began, you’ve noticed that it’s been very happy go lucky around these parts. Los Brown has been watching almost every minute of every game that he can get his eyes on and he was even kind enough to give recaps of those games. I too, was in the spirit and compiled some late night recaps on Thursday night, but I was most interested in spouting off how well I was doing in my bracket. Well, there will be no more spouting off about my bracket because some of you have let me down. And when I say you, I’m referring to those teams that I went out of my way to click on your name in my Yahoo and ESPN brackets because I THOUGHT you could win a simple basketball game. But you didn’t and now I must let you know that you let me down.

To West Virginia:
The run to the Big East semifinals was just a fluke huh? It’s not like I expected you to make a run to the Final Four, I was only asking you to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Obviously I may have been pushing it expecting you to beat Kansas in the 2nd round, but you can’t even get by Dayton? And this is after your coach is on Mike and Mike in the Morning talking about how the Big East tournament is tougher than the NCAA tournament. Well, I drank the Kool-Aid this time, but never again.

To Clemson:
I want to be pissed at you, but I can’t be. I can only be pissed at myself. What was I thinking? I had you pegged to easily take care of Michigan and even do the unthinkable, beat Oklahoma (Yeah, I know. Save your comments.). But I do have a question for you. Why can’t you ever play to your potential? We see the talent there and yet you continuously lay eggs when it counts. I’ve finally learned my lesson about you.

To Florida State:
Everyone around me tried to warn me about you, but I wouldn’t listen. My “alumni-ness” wouldn’t let me hear anything they were saying. Deep down I was worried about the Wisconsin match up, but my “alumni-ness” wanted to believe that the Noles were good for at least a Sweet Sixteen run. Well, of course I was wrong about you and now even if you go 30-0 next season, I’ll still have my doubts. (I’m lying, the “alumni-ness” will happily kick in again.)

To Wake Forest:
Where do I start? I’m not even sure how I can express this. I’ll just come straight out with it. You were my Final Four dark horse. There I said it! I expected much more from you than these other teams. You could have actually been someone in this tournament. Instead, you go out and get embarrassed by Cleveland State. Cleveland State? And not by a buzzer beater. At one point you were almost down by the dub. It was your loss that started off the Friday night trifecta of your loss, Ohio State’s loss and FSU’s loss. So yes, I blame you for those losses as well. It goes without saying that it will take some time to forgive you for this one.

Now, that I’ve gotten that off my chest, bring on the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight. With no chance of winning any pools, I can go back to watching the games instead of yelling at them. Should make for a more enjoyable rest of the tournament.

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