Oh The Irony: John Cena Wants A-Rod Jailed For Steroids

I’ve refrained from commenting on the many who have come out and had to add their two cents on the A-Rod saga, but today is the straw that broke the camel’s back. John Cena, whose employer, WWE, may as well be the spokespeople for steroids has actually decided to give his “juiced” opinion on what should be done with A-Rod.

[Steroids] are the personal choice of the athlete, says the WWE wrestler, currently starring in the film 12 Rounds. And [Rodriguez] got defensive, saying he used because he felt he needed to. If there was a set of [legal] stipulations set in place, he may never have even considered it.

The government should take the initiative, and if you get caught using drugs, then you should go to jail. A criminal record will hurt your endorsements and long-term contracts.

Ok John, I’ll take your bait. I could go the obvious route and question your steroid usage, but I won’t. I’ll play along with your premise that you’re clean. But you do know that if the government had taken this action, you would’ve never had a job. The WWE would’ve long been out of business. Many stars of the wrestling world would be locked away. Without wrestling and the WWE, how do you get your big break? Without your big break, how are you able to release your awfule rap CD? Or how do you get roles in mediocre action movies? You should be all for this steroid generation. It has made you in more ways than one. Even if that’s not saying much at all.

Smack steroid user Alex Rodriguez in jail, says WWE star John Cena (NY Daily News)

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  1. Los Brown says:

    You know Cena on roids, his neck is gone, he’s just one big muscle!

  2. John Cena is a clown.He can’t even wrestle.

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