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This is our very first guest post here at No Guts and it comes from my Nebraskan buddy, R. Gray. Seeing as though he has no blog of his own, I can’t link to his sweet collection of thoughts. Maybe one day he will be able to jot them down here full time. That’s if his short attention span allows him.

There is typically zero accountability placed on athletes who guarantee a win. Personally, I’ve never understood why anyone would voluntarily give the opposition that kind of motivational material. The last thing I would want to read or hear as a coach is how a player of mine guaranteed anything. After hearing about Oklahoma women’s basketball star Courtney Paris guaranteeing an NCAA Championship this year, it did nothing to change my mind. It did however cause me to think about what example she’s making to others, specifically school administrators and coaches. Last Wednesday, OU’s Courtney Paris’ announced she would be giving back $64,000 if Oklahoma doesn’t win a National Championship this season.

First of all I want to be the first to say that what she did is extremely admirable. The idea of a player giving back money based on the results of a season is pretty ludicrous. Think about it. Athletes are the only ones who gain no earnings whatsoever based on the outcome of a game or season. This brings us to the topic we need to look at yet again: whether student athletes should get paid. It’s almost always opposed by university administrators across the country. Those same individuals bring in millions of dollars every year…and the student athlete is what is for sale. Their argument is that athletes receive a free education. True. But what if more players step up and offer to pay their own way if they don’t perform or meet expectations? What does it say about our NCAA institutions that the idea of being rewarded based on performance is more evident with college players than it is at the highest levels of management?

Courtney Paris’ guarantee is a breath of fresh air. Whether she follows through with her promise if OU doesn’t win a National Championship, it really doesn’t matter. It’s the example she’s setting that I believe is important. School administrators and coaches who are supposedly held to a higher standard need to step up and prove it. How much money will FSU school administrators and coaches give back? If Bob Stoops doesn’t win the National Championship next year, is he willing to give any of his earnings back?

OU star says she’ll pay back scholarship if team doesn’t win title (The Dagger)

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