Live From The Message Boards: For UK Fans Sake, Let’s Just Hope That Calipari Takes The Job

Here at No Guts, we like to look at sports stories from a fan’s perspective. What better way than to find what the fans are saying about the stories that are controlling the airwaves. And where can we find those opinions? The message boards of course. If you happen to run across some great message board material, help us out and send it here.

Today seems to be the day that John Calipari either make the legions of Kentucky Wildcat fans happy or send them into epic meltdown mode. Much like the Billy Donovan saga from two years ago. For anyone not a UK fan, this will be entertaining no matter what happens. If Calipari signs up for the gig, there is sure to be a huge celebration before a title is ever won. If he doesn’t sign up, well you know what will happen. All the speculation is apparently a waste of time according to this loyal Wildcat fan because it’s a done deal. And he apparently told you so!

Unknown75: well everybody here comes probably the greatest coach in college basketball for the last 10 yrs!! great motivator great recruiter great person(sum may not think so but unless u meet him u cant speak on him) and a great COACH period…we as uk fans and followers have i feel redeemed ourselfs with this hire!! we didnt want a travis ford or somebody to come in that doesnt play UK style of ball to take over and after what DONOVAN did again “mrSHREK face” dissing us 2 times to be coach here in 2 yrs!! he will never be able to come to UK to coach or bring his teams in here to get a win!! so lets toast it up fans we got who i believed and told u guys would be coach and infact is here in lexington now signing papers as we speak THANK GOD our future looks very bright guys

This whole press conference thing should be fun.

coach calipari to UK haha here comes the titles!!!and oh yea TOLD YOU SOOO! (CatsPause)

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