Former Nascar Driver, Dean Combs Busted For Keeping The Moonshine Flowing

I have no idea who Dean Combs is. I’ve never seen a race of his or seen his face. As a matter of fact, until today, I’ve never even heard his name uttered. But now that I have, I am sure I will never forget him.

Combs was arrested and charged last Friday with making non-tax paid liquor, as well as one count each of possessing ingredients to manufacture and possessing equipment to manufacture non-tax paid liquor.

Translation: Making the Moonshine.

I’ve never had the opportunity to partake in a glass (or jar) of Moonshine, but from what I’ve heard, it’s brutal on the body. So knowing that, I was convinced that no one indulged in the stuff anymore. Boy was I wrong.

Agents found a still that had a capacity of 300 gallons per run, with about 1,150 gallons of corn mash in the “working” stage in preparation for another run in two to three days. They also seized 200 gallons of corn liquor and 3,000 pounds of sugar.

So as you can see, Mr. Combs wasn’t playing around. The impressive operation even wowed the agents.

They even bragged on it, said they’d never seen spring water that clear, Combs said. I said, You need to put a label on it and stick it in the store.

Clear spring water, nice. Just one question. Why Dean, why?

It’s something I was always interested in, Combs added. I wanted to see if I could make something drinkable. I guess I gave someone a quart I shouldn’t have.

Yeah I’m sure there’s an old guy in a coma somewhere.

Former NASCAR driver busted for making moonshine (Examiner)

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