Eventhough He Never Had It, Jeff George Thinks He Still Has It

The NFL offseason is a time where players search for new teams and more money. It is also a time when old, grizzled veterans search for ways to get themselves back in the league. This year’s veteran trying to make a run at the league again is Jeff George. The now 41 year old George hasn’t been on a roster since 2004, but that doesn’t mean a thing to him. And frankly, he thinks that certain NFL teams should be begging him to come solidify their quarterback position.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get back in, and it just amazes me that I’m not on somebody’s roster, George said. I’ve been throwing two or three times a week, and every time I go out there to throw, I can’t believe I’m not a backup somewhere. I know it’s a young man’s game, but you can’t tell me I’m not better than some of the quarterbacks that are out there. I look at teams like Minnesota or Chicago, and I want to scream at the people in charge, What are you thinking?

I feel your pain, Jeff. I go out a play pickup basketball two times a week and every time I do, I can’t believe I’m not a back up point guard for some NBA team. It’s truly a travesty. But seriously, give it up, Jeff. You’re 41. As bad as the quarterback situations for both the Bears and the Vikings is, you would only make it worse. And besides, you don’t even have the mullet anymore. Without that, it just aint the same.

George still grasping for one last shot at glory (Yahoo Sports)

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