D-Wade: My Interpretation Of The MVP Aint Kobe

With the NBA season hitting the home stretch, the debate for MVP is slowly heating up. Some think Kobe is the MVP. Others say it’s Lebron. What about CP3? Or D-Wade? Speaking of D-Wade, he thinks that the MVP should be decided by using the meaning of the acronym. Something that I totally agree with. You see, the letters M-V-P stand for Most Valuable Player. A meaning that has definitely been lost over the years. But D-Wade, unlike many, knows what’s up. Here’s D-Wade’s interpretation of who deserves the award:

It’s the most valuable player to his team. It’s as simple as that. You’ve got to take a guy off a team and say, `If he wasn’t on there, how would this team be?’

Now that’s an interpretation that I can hang my hat on. Not this, “he scores the most” or “he’s makes the most spectacular plays” crap that has been going on recently. Proof of this recent crap is CP3 being robbed of the MVP just last year. And since great minds think alike, D-Wade noticed this injustice as well.

Not taking away nothing from Kobe — I thought he was unbelievable, Wade said. I thought he should have won MVP some previous years. [But] I thought Chris Paul was the most valuable player, from the way he played and what he meant to that team. That’s my interpretation of what a MVP is.

Well said, D-Wade. But we all know that most are too blinded by the dunks and the 61 point outbursts to crown a true MVP.

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  1. Los Brown says:

    That boy is surrounded by that fire!

  2. Is he still married.If he is,i know he cheating.

  3. S. Evans says:

    Guess yall didn’t read about Kobe not being the MVP.

  4. Los Brown says:

    Who cares, but I know you see those dime pieces, thats what its all about. D on T.

  5. Los Brown says:

    BTW, Wade got a divorce so I know he getting loose.

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