Cutler hold your head up, someone wants you!

Would you want this guy on your team? I wouldn’t. Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler has whined like a high school prom queen for the last month. All because Denver’s new head coach and former Patriots assistant, Josh McDaniels reportedly made an attempt to acquire Matt Cassel before he was shipped to the Chiefs.

Cutler has since been enraged citing that Broncos’ officials assured him that he and the offense would stay in place. Cutler actually must have believed them because he’s obviously upset. Note to Jay Cutler: there is no loyalty in the NFL; if your owner makes a promise, that promise surely can be easily broken.

Since the onset of the fallout in Denver, Cutler and his parents have put their homes on the market. Yes, they’re selling before a trade has been made. Who are the potential bidders? So far one. The Jets are Favreless and have Kellen Clemens at the helm, so we know they’re desperate, but no official offers have been made.

Honestly, I like Cutler as a QB, but his recent behavior has shown that he’s expendable. He hasn’t done anything remarkable for the Broncos in 3 years. Sure he made the Pro Bowl and thrown for over 4,500 hundred yards last season, but he also had 18 interceptions. It’s Brett Favre all over again, the only difference is Favre played for the Packers for 16 years and won a Super Bowl; he had a reason to feel betrayed. As for Cutler, move on to the next team, you’re still young. Show Denver that you’re one of the best in the league, whining doesn’t suit you.

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