Casting Major League 4 With MLB Players

We’re in the middle of spring training and the WBC is just not filling the void for me. So while we wait, let’s cast MLB players in roles for the hypothetical movie, Major League 4. Yeah I know, the regular season can’t come soon enough.

Jorge Posada as Jake Taylor
Like Taylor, Posada is nearing the end of his career as is looking to make one last run at it.

Nomar Garciaparra as Roger Dorn
Nomar is definitely “diva” enough to play the part. Being made of glass doesn’t hurt either.

Joba Chamberlain as Ricky Vaughn
Joba in the rotation could turn out bad, as it did for “Wild Thing”. And similar to “Wild Thing”, a prison term doesn’t seem out of the question for Joba.

Lou Pinella as Lou Brown
Besides having the same first name, these two have many things in common. Namely, monumental meltdowns.

Willy Taveras
The two Willies (or Willys) can steal bases with the best of em. Their work at the plate leaves much to be desired though.

Ryan Howard as Pedro Cerrano
The power hitting Howard wasn’t always a MVP, he was once a strikeout machine. Sound familiar?

Tim McCarver as Harry Doyle
The only thing missing for McCarver is the bottle of booze in the press box. Or is it?

Bud Selig as Rachel Phelps
What? Someone has to be the villain.

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  1. Tom Glavine as Eddie Harris!

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