Blame It On The A-A-A-A-AL-CO-HOL

Nick Nolte mugshot
First order of business: If your totally lost about that oh so catchy title, please click here to be enlightened. Now that you’ve learned what’s hot in the streets, on to what this post is all about. You see, we here at No Guts, No Glory like to talk sports. Alcohol can sometimes lead to DUIs. Sports + DUIs = Unforgettable mugshots. You hear me knocking? Well let me in!

Well start with good ol’, Jim Bowden. Yes, former Nationals GM, Jim Bowden. Almost forget he had a mugshot huh? It’s funny how being wasted hurts your focus. I wonder who he’s looking at.

Jim Bowden mugshot
Speaking of not being able to focus, Cedric Benson not only can’t focus on the camera, one of his eyes has decided to check out for lunch.

Cedric Benson mugshot
It’s kinda hard to have a listing of mugshots without Mike Tyson. So of course he made the cut. Apparently when Iron Mike is drunk, he can no longer control his tongue.
Mike Tyson mugshot
This next one is of Ed Belfour. Just by looking at his side shot, you can tell that Mr. Belfour is tore up. I’m not even sure I want to even see his face shot.

Ed Belfour mugshot
Sir Charles’ mugshot leads to a couple of questions. First of all, what’s up with that shirt? And secondly, doesn’t it look like the alcohol is just seeping through his skin?

Charles Barkley mugshot
I can’t say that I’ve seen a better mugshot of a sports figure than John Daly’s. It’s one of those things you can’t really describe. It just speaks for itself.

John Daly mugshot
Got anymore? Yeah, I know you do.

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