All Up In Your Bracket: South Region

Time for the fourth and final region, the South Region.

The team that is primed to pull off the first round upset: Western Kentucky. 5 vs 12 is the perfect scenario for an upset. Throw in the fact that Illinois may only muster 30 points, Western Kentucky has a chance to move on to the second round.

A top seed that may not make it out of the 1st weekend: Oklahoma. The Sooners have not looked good lately. Clemson hasn’t either. Doesn’t mean that the Tigers couldn’t take Oklahoma out in the second round.

A team other than North Carolina that can win the region: Clemson. On paper, this team is scary. Who’s to say that they can’t get hot and take the whole region?

Who we’re taking in the 1st round: North Carolina, LSU, Western Kentucky, Gonzaga, Temple, Syracuse, Clemson, Oklahoma

Who we’re taking in round 2: North Carolina, Gonzaga, Syracuse, Clemson

Sweet Sixteen winners: North Carolina, Clemson

Regional Champion: North Carolina

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  1. ok

  2. I would replace Clemson with Syracuse if North Carolina doesn’t win the region.

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