All Up In Your Bracket: Midwest Region

It’s time for us to give you our two cents that will ultimately help you dominate your NCAA tournament pool. We’ll get this thang started by taking a look at the Midwest Region.

The team that is primed to pull off the first round upset: Arizona. Yeah I know it won’t really be much of an upset, but you can’t argue against the seeds. The 12 seeded Cats draw a more than capable 5 seed in Utah, but if Zona plays like they are capable of, they’ll be moving on.

A top seed that may not make it out of the 1st weekend: Michigan State. The Spartans just aren’t very impressive to me. Nothing about this team screams Final Four. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they are taken out by either USC or Boston College in the 2nd round.

A team other than Louisville that can win the region: Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons are the most explosive team in the region in my opinion. If they can keep it together, there’s no reason why they can’t make a trip to the Final Four.

Who we’re taking in the 1st round: Louisville, Ohio State, Arizona, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Kansas, USC, Michigan State

Who we’re taking in round 2: Louisville, Wake Forest, West Virginia, USC

Sweet Sixteen winners: Wake Forest, West Virginia

Regional Champion: Wake Forest

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