Whatever Happened To Having A Home And An Away Jersey?

The picture above is what us basketball purists like to call “hustle”. It’s the way the game is supposed to be played. But there’s just one issue with this picture. Which player plays for the home team? Is it the guy in the Kentucky blue or the guy in the Vandy gold? Why can’t I just watch a game without having to even think about these types of thing.

Back in the good ole days, teams had two jerseys. A white one for home games and a dark one for road games. When the referee yelled, “white’s ball”, you knew whose ball it was. These days, a team is bound to show up in any color. And thus, we get to watch two teams play essentially wearing “away colored” jerseys. If we could only go back to the days when you knew who was the home team. Those were much simpler times.

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