There’s Just Something About Dallas

I truly don’t understand it. The team with arguably the most talent in the NFL finds a way to piss away their season year after year. Whether the quarterback fumbles away the season or the star receiver attempts to sabotage the season, life in Dallas has been a far cry from when Jimmy proudly proclaimed, “How bout dem Cowboys”.

I’ve noticed the problems and I’m sure you’ve noticed them too. But it seems that many high profile free agents in the NFL somehow fail to notice. First, Ray Lewis spoke of how he would love to join the Cowboys. And now, Julius Peppers has reportedly stated that he will accept a trade to only four teams in the league. The only one revealed? The Dallas Cowboys.

So it seems the Cowboys can still reel them in one way or another. Will it make a difference? Probably not. Too much bad karma surrounds them. But they should be proud that many players are still addicted to the thought of suiting up for “America’s Team”. The Playmaker is definitely proud (and equally addicted).

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  1. We are America’s team who doesn’t want to be apart of that.Its only a matter of time before when start winning championships like in the 90’s.When was the last time the Bears won a championship?

  2. No more Super Bowl shuffling for da Bears, they ain’t talkin bout nothin!

  3. And the Cowboys aint either. Who has been to Super Bowl this decade? Not the Cowboys.

  4. The Bears got lucky when they went to the Super Bowl.They haven’t been to the playoffs since.

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