Texas Tech vs Mike Leach: Who Will Stick To Their Guns?

No Guts contributor, J Will delves into the contract dispute between Mike Leach and Texas Tech.

Mike Leach has been in talks with Texas Tech University for a contract extension since the end of the season and the two parties are still not close to a deal. Last Wednesday, Leach was all set to sign his deal (12.7 mil over five years) but Texas Tech officials slipped in new terms to the contract. We’ve listed them here for your reading pleasure.

1) If Leach was to leave Tech, the school he goes to would have to pay $1.5 million to buyout his contract.

2) If Leach wants to talk to another school about their head coaching position, he would need to ask Texas Tech for permission. If he didn’t, he could owe Tech $1.5 million.

3) If Leach happened to be fired, only 12 percent of his contract is guaranteed.

4) All of the money from Leach personal speaking property, whether he makes an appearance or authors a book on his life in Wyoming, would go to Tech.

Obviously, Leach counter offered Tech with keeping the same contract but without the additional terms. Tech quickly turned it down. And now that the deadline for Leach to sign his extension has passed, AD Gerald Miles is out to save face.

Coach Leach has declined our $12.7 million contract, Myers said. We will enter the decision-making process and should have some announcements by next week. Our decisions will be based on the best interest of Texas Tech and all of its supporters.

Now, most people consider Leach as one of the top coaches in the Big 12. For him to have all these terms in his contract is ridiculous. With everything Leach has done for the Texas Tech program, adding these terms is completely selfish. If Myers has any sense in his brain, he won’t fire Leach. The best way to end this is to let Leach finish out his contract. If Leach is indeed fired, I hope Myers is ready to explain to Red Raiders’ fans why they won’t be contending for the Big XII title anytime soon. If I was a Texas Tech fan, I would be really nervous right now.

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  1. With Harrell and Crabtree leaving, is he sure he wants to stay??

    (BTW-thanks for all the link love!)

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