Superman that H*/!, Robinson wins Dunk contest

The 5’9 New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson emerged victorious in the NBA Slam Dunk contest in Phoenix Saturday night.

Robinson defeated defending champion Dwight Howard in the final round, winning 52 percent of the fan vote.

After lackluster performances from J.R. Smith and Rudy Fernandez in the 1st round they were eliminated.

Howard received two scores of 50 for his first round dunks. Props were on full display, Howard not only used a phone booth to changed into his Superman costume but wheeled out an 11 foot rim to display his uncanny jumping ability.

Not to be outdone, Robinson changed into his Kryponite-Green Knicks uniform and shoes before jumping over the 6’11 Dwight Howard to seal the deal. This was Robinson’s second dunk championship.

Despite the naysayers, the NBA has done a magnificent job to expand the events during All-Star weekend. David Stern’s vision has reignited the passion of All-Star weekend, which took a turn for the worst at the beginning of the century.

Now the weekend features a Celebrity game, Rookie-Sophomore challenge, and this year added HORSE to the festivities. As a basketball fan, I’m excited and the excitement even urged a reticent Lebron James to announce live that he will participate in the 2010 Slam Dunk contest. Finally we’ll see the king put on a show during All-Star weekend, I can’t wait.

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