Super Bowl XLIII prediction

The biggest event in sports is upon us again. The Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers will face off today in Tampa Bay in Super Bowl XLIII to determine the NFL champs for the 2008 season.

As fans, we’ll be bombarded with countless unoriginal commercials and ads along with a halftime performance from Bruce Springsteen. In between all of the excess, we’ll actually see a game, a pretty good one at that.

The Steelers are favored to win, but Arizona’s offense is capable of putting up big numbers, even against the league’s top defense.

This game of wills will feature strength against strength, offense vs. defense. Can coach Tomlin’s defense stop coach Wisenhunt’s high powered offense? Can Kurt Warner consistently get the ball to receivers Fitzgerald and Boldin, or will Harrison, Polamalu and Woodley run wild? The answers will soon be revealed.

Nevertheless, I predict that the Arizona Cardinal will be victorious and end a 61-year championship drought. The Steelers fans will have to postpone their celebration of a sixth championship for another year.


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