Summit reaches 1000 wins… and counting

1000 wins! A number that represents greatness, longevity and durability. In a 73-43 blowout against conference opponent Georgia, Pat Summit became the first coach, men or women, in Division-1 athletics to reach that unprecedented milestone.

Summit was handed Tennessee’s women’s basketball program at the age of 22. During that time, women’s sports were an afterthought and weren’t given any respect or exposure. Despite all the adversity, Summit’s determination prevailed. 35 years, 1000 victories and 8 national championships later, she is the most revered figure in women’s basketball and has put the sport on the national stage.

Summit has accrued only 187 losses in her career, which averages to about 5 per season. The 12th ranked Lady Vols are a sub par17-5 and are in rebuilding mode with seven freshmen on the squad.

Though Summit has nothing left to prove, she has signed an contract extension through 2014. At the age of 56, Summit clearly has many good years left, and perhaps more national titles to win. As a sports fan, I would love to see her career continue; she’s a class act. When was the last time you’ve heard of violations from Tennessee’s women basketball program? I can’t recall any. If all of our collegiate athletic directors and coaches could put honesty and dedication ahead of winning, NCAA record books would be less tainted.

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