And the Academy award goes to…. A-rod!

What a performance! Yankee’s star Alex Rodriguez performed in the press conference that I’ve titled “Young & Stupid,” for roughly 200 members of the press and millions of baseball fans across the world yesterday in Tampa, FL. With the Academy Awards on the horizon, its ironic that we were subject to witness such a horrific performance. This guy actually expects the public to believe that he didn’t know he was taking an illegal substance. ” I didn’t think they were steroids,” Rodriguez claims, “I knew we weren’t taking Tic Tacs.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m offended. I’m offended because my intelligence has been insulted. This guy makes over $30 million a year, I would think that he could have hired someone, besides the obvious incompetent PR firm that he consulted, to inform him to tell the truth or give a plausible story to tell.

As for the imaginary cousin, come on Alex. You’re telling us you let some anonymous cousin inject you with ‘Boli’ or whatever it was you used without knowing what it was or that it was a banned substance. If you have to go to the Dominican Republic to get it and you use a needle to put it in your body, you may not want to take it.

Why do our athletes act as if their invincible? Simply because we pamper them from the time their in high school until the day they die. Most develop a narcissistic personality and we fuel it. Initially, I felt bad for A-Rod, then I remembered that this guy isn’t a victim. He wasn’t robbed, beaten or shot; he took steroids so that he could hit 50 or 60 home runs, garner awards and receive $275 million contract offers.

He’s not sorry, he’s so far removed from reality that he doesn’t even admit he was wrong. He cheated, he may not be a cheater but at one point he did cheat. A-Rod wasn’t young and stupid he made a conscious decision, though a bad one, to use the juice to get bigger and stronger. I’m generally objective on topics such as this one, but I believe in admitting your mistakes. A-Rod hopes that he’ll be judged only for his good years, he wants us to forget about 2001-2003. He wants to be remembered as one of the greatest of all-time, but after his performance yesterday, he’ll be remembered best for being rich & arrogant.

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