Questionable Poses? You Decide

Over the past 20 years, athletes have become a source of revenue for corporations all over the world. Not only do they promote their sports but they help push product for soft drink companies, magazines and clothing labels. Michael Jordan can be considered the father of the modern endorsement. He single-handily made it possible for athletes to make millions off the court and field. I have no problems with athletes making money from endorsements, but I think that they should exercise a little more discretion before posing for ads.

Michael Jordan– Does he look like the fiercest basketball player of all-time? Here he looks more like one of the Village People.

Tom Brady– Yeah, we know Brady is dreamy and he has Giselle, but is she the model or is he. Tom save the sexy glances for Giselle, we don’t need to see that.

Lebron James
– With the ” I’m gorgeous” look, Lebron shows his soft side. He’s only 24 his worst is yet to come.

Kerry Rhodes, Dhani Jones & Braylon Edwards– These guys are shirtless, all oiled up and have on linen pants. This look only works if there is a woman present even at a photo shoot.

David Justice– During the time this picture was taken, Justice was married to Halle Berry, the most beautiful woman alive. According to man law, If you’re married to or dating Halle Berry, you can do no wrong. You can even take a picture like this and not be ridiculed, but without her this pose is no longer acceptable. David Justice is no longer with Halle Berry, need I say more.

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