The Odds Say Bet On The Patriots In 2010

It hasn’t been 48 hours since the end of the Super Bowl XLIII and Vegas already has the odds for Super Bowl XLIV. And who’s the favorite? You guessed it, the New England Patriots at 6/1. These odds basically say to the rest of the league that even a one-legged Tom Brady is better than anything or anyone that you can put out on the field. And at this point, can anyone disagree?

Here are the other favorites for 2010:
Steelers at 7/1
Colts at 8/1
Giants at 8/1
Cowboys at 9/1
Chargers at 10/1
Ravens at 11/1
Eagles at 12/1
Titans at 12/1

There are also some playoff teams that have some enticing odds for next season:
Minnesota at 25/1
Falcons at 30/1
Dolphins at 40/1
Cardinals at 30/1

And for those that like losing money and were thinking about putting the rent money on the Lions, don’t bother. The odds for them winning the Super Bowl next year is at N/A.

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  1. I’ll take the Cowboys bet for the Super Bowl.

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