The NFL Offseason Is Here, That Means Non Stop Drew Rosenhaus

The Super Bowl champion has been crowned and the Pro Bowl is in the books so now Drew Rosenhaus is beginning his yearly attempt of high jacking every sports media outlet for the next couple of months. His first move? He has deemed Plaxico Burress, Chad Johnson, and Anquan Boldin as trade-able. He even went so far as to send an email to every team in the league to announce the new development.

Without even reading that link, I’m sure it’s obvious that none of these players have been deemed trade-able by their respective teams, but in typical Rosenhaus fashion, he’s trying to throw his weight around. And sadly, it will probably work. The man seems to have the NFL in his pocket and if his clients want something, they usually get it. And in return, he gets his camera time and we’re stuck enduring things like this:

The offseason can’t end soon enough.

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