NFL is short on ca$h

Due to the country recent economic downturn, the NFL is going broke. Commissioner Goodell ‘AKA Warden Goodell, has been forced to reduce the NFL’s workforce through buyouts and terminations.

Goodell also has taken a pay-cut. The Commissioner was scheduled to make $11 million in salary and bonuses, but has agreed to cut his pay by 20-25 percent. Yeah, I know he’s still going to make about $9 million but at least the guy is making an effort to ease the financial pain in this harsh economic climate. NFL league officials are also freezing salaries for the 2009 fiscal year.

Some NFL teams have followed suit and laid off employees to cut cost, while most teams have declined to increase ticket prices for the upcoming season. Whether the season will be dramatically affected by the recession is yet to be seen, the answers will presumably be revealed when the 2009 season begins.

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