The NBA’s "Trading Places" Teams

Now that the trading deadline has passed, there are some players that are faced with living in a new city, having new teammates, and learning a new playbook. Some adapt better than others and some have had so much experience dealing with it, that it aint a thang anymore. Those are the guys that I want to pay homage to today. You guys may not have made the All Star teams, but you’ve made the “Trading Places” team. Congratulations, you’ve earned it. I guess.

East Squad

PG Damon Jones – Bucks
Damon Jones has somehow parlayed his 3 point shooting into playing for 10, yes 10 different teams.

SG Eddie House – Celtics
House’s instant offense has been enjoyed by 8 different teams.

SF Tim Thomas – Bulls
His name has become synonymous with the NBA trade deadline.

PF Donyell Marshall – 76ers
Yes, he’s still in the league and he’s with team #8.

C Theo Ratliff – 76ers
I remember when Ratliff was supposed to be “The Next Big Thing”. Now, we just sit and wonder who will be his next team.

Honorable Mention

Larry Hughes – Knicks
Lorenzen Wright – Cavaliers
Malik Allen – Bucks
Anthony Johnson – Magic
Tyronn Lue – Magic
Mike James – Wizards

West Squad

PG Kevin Ollie – T-Wolves
The modern day “King of Trading Places”, Ollie has suited up for 11 different teams.

SG Brent Barry – Rockets
The last of the Barry Clan is still holding on, playing with his 6th team.

SF Ricky Davis – Clippers
Davis hasn’t seen a contract that he didn’t like. He’s now signed one with 6 different teams.

PF Joe Smith – Thunder
The trade to the Hornets fell through so Smith won’t be able to say he has played for 9 teams. Well, not yet at least.

C Brian Skinner – Clippers
Not sure how he remains to get contracts, but he does and this is his seventh team.

Dikembe Mutombo – Rockets
Greg Bucker – Grizzles

Antonio Daniels – Hornets
Kurt Thomas – Spurs

Chucky Atkins – Thunder
Brevin Knight – Jazz

Looking good!
Feeling good? I think so.

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  1. Great stuff man!

  2. Thanks man. Just trying to keep up with the likes of you.

  3. Man you forgot about Sam Cassell, he should’ve been on the first team.

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